Melanie Moore Koskie

Melanie Koskie received her Ph.D. in Marketing and Analysis at Louisiana Tech University in May 2024. Her research focuses on consumer-based brand strategy and occasionally detours wherever her curiosity leads.

Cool Brands and Hot Attachments: Their effect on consumers' willingness to pay more
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Academic History

2024 • PhD in Marketing and Analysis

Louisiana Tech University


1999 • BS in Health and Wellness Management

Louisiana Tech University




Freling, R., Koskie, M.M., Moulard, J.G., Freling, T., Crosno, J. (2024) “Exploring gift gaps: a meta-analysis of giver and recipient asymmetries” Psychology & Marketing. Vol. 41 No. 6, pp. 1318-1332.


Koskie, M.M., Freling, R., Locander, W.B., Freling, T. (2023) “The role of brand gratitude in consumer relationships with cool brands,” Journal of Product and Brand Management. ahead-of-print.


Beck, B.B., Koskie, M.M., Locander, W.B. (2023). “How electronic word of mouth (eWOM) shapes consumer social media shopping,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 40 No. 7, pp. 1002-1016.


Koskie, M.M. and Locander, W.B. (2023). “Cool brands and hot attachments: their effect on consumers’ willingness to pay more,” European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 57 No. 4, pp. 905-929.



Koskie, M.M., Brown, B. (2023) “The Importance of Respondent Age in Cool Consumption Research” Society for Marketing Advances; Fort Worth, TX, November.


Koskie, M.M., Freling, T., Freling R. (2023) “Designing Outside the Box? Emerging Research in Product Development and Design” presented at AMA Summer Academic Conference; San Francisco, CA, August.


Koskie, M.M., Brown, B., Moulard, J.G., Koksal, D. (2022) “It’s not just ‘all in your head’: how patients’ feelings of gratitude toward their health care provider can overcome feelings of invalidation and increase compliance,” presented at Society for Marketing Advances; Charlotte, NC, November.


Koskie, M.M., Locander, W.B. (2022) “Thank you for being cool: An exploration of gratitude for cool brands” presented at Consumer Brand Relationship Conference; Winter Park, FL, October.


Brown, B.W., Koskie, M.M., Beck, B.B., Locander, W.B. (2022) “Supervisor bottom-line mentality: The cooperative sales culture slayer” presented at American Marketing Association; Chicago, IL, August.


Koskie, M.M., Beck, B.B., Zmich, L., Mertz, B. (2022) “Influencers' use of affiliate marketing and the impact on consumer perception: An abstract” presented at Academy of Marketing Science; Monterey, CA, May.


Koskie, M.M. (2021) “Constellating Brand Coolness: How the motivation to stand out and fit in affects consumers’ perceptions of cool brands” presented at Society for Marketing Advances; Orlando, FL, November.



Teaching Experience

SOcial Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Analytics

Personal Selling

First Year Experience



Conference Service and Reviewer

AMA Winter Academic Conference, Track Co-Chair, Digital and Social Media Marketing, 2025

Society for Marketing Advances Conference, Session Chair for 2022-2023

Society for Marketing Advances Conference, 2021-2024

AMA Summer Academic Conference, 2023-2024

AMA Winter Academic Conference, 2023

Consumer Brand Relationship Conference, 2022


Journal Reviewer

Ad-hoc reviewer: European Journal of Marketing, 2024; Journal of Product and Brand Management, 2023-2024; Journal of Business Research, 2023; Journal of Brand Management, 2023-2024; and Journal of Consumer Behavior, 2022-2023


Other Service

AMA HigherEdSig, Vice Chair of Membership    September 2024-present

AMA DocSig, Vice Chair of Content Management    September 2022-September 2024

AMA DocSig, Assistant Vice Chair of Content Management    September 2020-September 2022



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